Aromatherapy Massage Treatment

Aromatherapy Massage Treatment

Our Aromatherapy massage treatment is performed by an internationally certified therapist. It is especially suitable for people in good health, those whose health needs improvement or mommy-to be. We deliver our service in a warm, friendly environment at Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur to enable clients to return home feeling relaxed, revived, re-energised and in harmony with their bodies and health.


Aromatherapy body treatmentFull Body Massage Treatment 90-120 minutes

This therapeutic and relaxing treatment suits individual concerning any particular body complaint. It helps to derive maximum benefit by reducing muscle tension, improving circulation system, skin and muscle tone, balancing hormones, stimulating immune system, easing depression as well as relaxing your body after a long tiring day.


The full body massage treatment would usually include:

  • Comprehensive consultation, covering general health, medical history, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing.
  • Personalized organic essential oils blend which targeting you conditions
  • Body treatment performed by internationally certified therapist
  • After care advice and take home blend for client to use at home through massage, inhalation, bath or other means

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Mommy-to-be Full Body Massage Treatment 60-75 minutes

This luxurious body treatment helps mommy-to-be going through this beautiful yet challenging moment. Particular care is also given in this treatment to insure safety and comfort. It helps to reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of morning sickness, lessen stretch mark, ease muscle, joint and back pains, improve labour outcomes as well as newborn health. Hence, it provides nurturing and pampering throughout the entire term of pregnancy.

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Aroma Facial & Half Body Massage Treatment 60-75 minutes

The combination of this treatment is best for stress relief, headache, overworked and strained muscles and connective tissues around the neck, shoulders and back. The Aroma Facial increases blood flow and cellular oxygenation which in turn stimulates a wound healing response in the skin and provides a healthy glow to any complexion. Other than that, it relaxes the mind and  nervous system, invigorates the circulation system, and eases muscles aches and pains.

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Your hour of health is just moments away. Our aromatherapy body massage treatment is by appointment only. Contact us now to book your first appointment.