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This Christmas, Our physiotherapist has been seeking for further skill improvement by attending to Spinal Articular Therapy course organised @Avery tan physio & rehab centre in Penang.

The Spinal articular therapy course in conducted by Mr Ng Chong Ching , a clinical manual therapist from Manual Circle (Singapore).

Mr Ng Chong Ching is a Physiotherapist and certified Osteopath. Now he practises as a Clinical Manual Therapist, encompassing various schools of manual therapy techniques.

Our Santa this year, Mr Ng Chong Ching.

The course outlined:

The human body’s spinal articular system consists of the cranium, spinal column and the pelvic structures. The spinal articular system contains the nervous system. These anatomical linkages can easily explain the common neuromusculoskeletal symptoms presented clinically.

Practicing combined movement assessment

Combined Movement Theory is the development of Dr Brian Edward’s “Combined Movements” to rationally incorporate spinal manipulation, Muscle Energy Techniques and new methods of mobilisation. The concept promotes rational Manual Therapy for Spinal Dysfunction.





Congratulations on the course completion! We are here to make patients feel better and move better!



Our physiotherapist graduated!!