Understand causes of back pain

Understand causes of back pain

Back pain It is a very common complaint – an estimated 60-80% of people will be affected by back pain at some point in their life.

Neck physiotherapy and back physiotherapy - zenergyAlthough backpain can occur at any age, it is most commonly presents between 30 and 55.

These aches could be contributed by a inactive lifestyle or improper workplace ergonomics for deskbound workers which result in various aches and strains.

Very often, back pain is not isolated and can travel to other regions of the body and cause referred pain such as leg pain. Whether or not you are feeling a sharp pain, stiffness or experiencing an inability to fully move your body it can be very uncomfortable and frustrating. The good news is that most times, these strains and aches can be solved.

Your spine contains numerous structures, including bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. The spine is made up of 24 individual bones called vertebrae, the sacrum and coccyx (tail bone). There are discs between each of the vertebrae that act as shock absorbers and allow flexibility in your spine. Your spinal cord travels down the central canal of each vertebra and exit the spine as nerve roots, carrying information to and from your brain to the rest of your body. Considering all of the above, it is understandable that occasionally something goes wrong. One of the reasons why back and neck pain often needs help to resolve is that the body will allow for other levels of the spine to compensate and does not give the injured structure the opportunity to return to normal function.

We specialize in the treatment of:

  • Acute and chronic neck and back pain/injuries
  • Poor postural alignment and control
  • Shoulder and arm pain, referred from the neck
  • Sciatica, referred by the lower-back or hip.
  • Stiffness and pain of the thoracic spine

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