Rehabilitation Pilates

Clinical pilates

Clinical pilates at zenergy - a tailored exercise programme to improve one’s strength and functional movement.

It is best for people with specific conditions. (such as chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain, neck and back injuries, tendonitis,  sport related injuries, walking difficulties, fall recovery, balance dysfunction or overuse injuries.)

Apart from sports related injuries, we design pilates programme for post or even pre surgical conditions! Patients usually start a rehabilitation program following surgery. However,  starting before surgery helps to accelerate recovery, gaining function even faster and gets you back on your feet and into the activities you have been unable to do.

Zenergy physiotherapy clinical pilates


Our physiotherapist-pilates instructor are also specialised therapist instructor that could help you with post breast cancer surgery rehabilitation.

Our ultimate goal is to heal our patients' injuries. With devising rehab physiotherapy-pilates programs that specifically meet the needs and goals of our patients. We want our clients to not only heal from their injuries, but to return to their favourite activities!

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