Pre & Post Natal

Prenatal/ Postnatal Pilates


Zenergy Prenatal Pregnancy Pilates

As Pilates is good for posture, upper and lower body strength and stability, and helps reduce back pain, the exercises can work well for you during pregnancy.

The pre and postnatal sessions are specially designed to maintain strength and endurance whilst supporting your changing body during pregnancy.

This workout is on either mat or a reformer. The reformer is easily adjusted for your changing body and adds an exciting element to these pre and postnatal sessions. Working with resistance, it is fantastic for building strength, relieving back tension and maintaining posture throughout or following your pregnancy. It will help keep you strong and your energy levels high, while enhancing your muscle tone and maintaining a healthy body weight.  If you are about to start your postnatal exercise, these sessions will be perfect to help you reactivate and strengthen those muscles.


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