The Alternative Remedy for Frozen ShoulderInfant Massage Classes (July)

The Alternative Remedy for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis. It refers to shoulder pain that leads to restricted range of motion which the underlying cause is unknown.

Treatments for a frozen shoulder include physiotherapy, medication, medical procedures and occasionally surgery. Frozen shoulder treatment generally focuses on treating the shoulder pain and range of motion.

The subscapularis is one of the four muscles that comprise the rotator cuff. It attaches to the inner surface of the scapula and to the front of the humerus bone. Its primary responsibility is to hold the humerus in place during arm movements, preventing displacement and also helps internally rotate the head of the humerus.

Trigger points are sensitive nodules in the musculature that cause referred pain. In the subscapularis muscle, they produce a signature pain-referral pattern. Pain concentrates on the back of the deltoid muscle.

Mr Tin is diagnosed with frozen shoulder for more than 2 years. He had been experiencing pain and stiffness in his right shoulder for the longest time. He has never thought that he would find such an immediate effect from the integrated treatment from Zenergy.

We treated him with a special blend of organic essential oil with a combination of dry needling treatment, a physiotherapy technique that has been widely use by physical therapists as an effective treatment for chronic disorders.

Mr Tin said the essential oil has not only helped him to relief his pain, it helped him to get a better sleep at night! Every now and then, he remembers the 'homework' he has to do, a.k.a home exercises taught by our physiotherapist. He is really gladful that we have helped him to be functional again!

Here's our Mr Tin :


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Infant Massage Classes (July)

We have 5 parents joining our Infant Massage Classes in July. All highly motivated working mothers who would like to give the best to their babies. This course is not only having numerous benefits to the babies, it is also providing an opportunity for the new mommies/daddies to receive support from other parents.

Infant massage classes

Shan, the Baby Massage Instructor, demonstrating baby massage technique with doll.

infant massage classes

Hand massage demonstration

Infant Massage Classes

Baby Efan enjoying massage given by mommy Manda

Baby Zander after a satisfying massage session with mommy Amy

Baby Zander after a satisfying massage session with mommy Amy

Infant massage classes

Mommies' experience sharing moment

Infant Massage Classes

Congratulations to all mommies and daddies(shy to be in the pictures) for completing the five weeks infant massage classes.

We are here to empower your parenthood. Your nurturing touch can help your baby to sleep better or to help ease some common tummy complaints. You can also massage your baby when you just want to have fun with her/him. Don't miss out the opportunity.

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